A personal loan is a better option if you need extra cash for a variety of reasons, such as home renovation, medical emergency, marriage, child’s education, or debt consolidation. Because it is an unsecured loan, a personal loan requires no collateral, and it is processed and approved within a few hours or even days.

Many financial institutions ensure that their customers go through a hassle-free application process and receive their loan immediately after completing the end-to-end digital process.

With IDFC FIRST Bank, you can get a personal loan up to Rs. 1 Cr within 30 minutes. The loan approval and disbursement times are the best in the industry. IDFC FIRST Bank offers personal loans that are entirely paperless and offer competitive interest rates and repayment schedules up to 60 months.

In most banks, the entire loan application process, from application to sanctioning and disbursement, is streamlined. The application requirements and documentation may differ depending on the applicant and situation, so it is important to know your personal loan status to find out if your application has been approved or rejected.

Here are some ways to track personal loan applications, both online and offline, if you are new to the process.

Online status check for Personal Loan applications

IDFC FIRST Bank, for instance, has a loan checker on its customer portal or a mobile app where you can check the status of your personal loan.

You need to do the following if it is through a customer portal:

The bank’s official website can be found here.

For access to the customer portal, click on the ‘Log in’ tab and enter your User ID and Password. You can also enter your registered mobile number and date of birth.

To check the status of your loan application, select the ‘Products and Services’ option.

To get a one-time password on your mobile phone, you will need to choose the product and provide your loan application number and security code.

Upon verifying your details, you will be able to view the status of your personal loan.

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Khushiyan FIRST this festive season with IDFC FIRST Bank Loans

Khushiyan FIRST this festive season with IDFC FIRST Bank Loans

For checking the status of your personal loan, IDFC FIRST Bank provides dedicated loan checker sites like ‘Track my loan application’ and ‘eTracking’.

According to the website ‘Track my loan application’:

Enter your registered mobile number and the product name to receive an OTP.

After submitting the OTP, you are taken to a page that displays the status of your personal loan, such as ‘under process’, ‘approved’, or ‘rejected’.

According to the ‘eTracking’ website:

To receive an OTP, please provide the product details and loan application number

Get the status of your personal loan by verifying the details

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app also has a loan checker tool. To use it, follow these steps:

Get the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app

Use your User ID and Password to log in

Choose ‘Products and Services’ from the ‘Menu’ section

Enter your ‘Loan application number’ after selecting the product

To receive the status of your personal loan, click ‘Submit’

Offline status check for Personal Loan applications

Tracking the status of a personal loan can also be done in the following ways:

You can contact the customer care department by phone between 9.30 am and 6 pm during working days. In order to know the status of your loan, you can contact IDFC FIRST Bank by calling 1860 500 9900. For this purpose, you will have to keep your loan reference number handy to verify. You can speak to the customer care representative to find out the current status of your loan.

You can check the status of your personal loan by visiting the nearest branch of the bank.

Alternatively, you can check the loan status by visiting the bank’s customer portal and using the loan locator, or by visiting a branch. If you prefer WhatsApp banking, you can track your loan applications by sending messages to specific phone numbers. To access IDFC FIRST Bank’s customer portal, click here.

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