The post also appeared to indicate that the worker supported the company’s culture and perks. ”
Meta products are the most interesting and influential in the world,” they said. ”
Half the world uses at least one Meta product.
If you get bored you can switch to another product.
And with all that, the work/life balance is the best.”
According to the staff member, Meta workers are “part of an elite, highly-selective club,” adding that people are “impressed” when they learn that they work for Instagram and is treated better as a result. ”
I’ve worked at Amazon before and the lack of perks and prestige basically feels like prison compared to what I have now,” they said. ”
I will be working here forever.
Why hurry to retire?
I’m already at the finish line.
“The post, titled “Meta is not just an employer, it’s a lifestyle” gained 145 likes and more than 700 comments.
Another Meta employee responded in a comment and said: “If your job is your lifestyle, you either have a s****y job or a s****y life.
“Another Meta worker replied to the post: “I want whatever you are smoking to feel this good about Meta.”
Blind does not verify employment, but requests that people use their work email to sign up and provide the name of the company they work for so it can “gauge the professional status” of users, its website states.
It allows users to see where other posters work, but all other details are anonymous.
Meta did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.

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