After taunting the 19-year-old climate activist, the famously misogynistic personality referred him to

After Elon Musk lifted a five-year ban imposed largely because of Andrew Tate’s excessive and often violent misogyny, the kickboxer-turned-internet personality’s Twitter account was reinstated in late November. In recent months, he has taunted climate activist Greta Thunberg by boasting about his 33 cars and their “enormous emissions” to her, who was surprised that she didn’t care.

Tate wrote Thunberg, “Please provide your email address so that I can send you a detailed list of the cars I own and their enormous emissions.” The twitter user responded, his ego likely soaring before collapsing at the unsparing takedown that followed. “Email me at”

The only response Tate was able to come up with was a question of disbelief: “How dare you?” unable to comprehend Thunberg’s unwillingness to not only not find his collection of expensive cars fascinating but also his lack of interest in conversing with him beyond calling out his SDE.

More than twelve hours after Tate responded to Thunberg, he returned to Twitter with a 2-minute video that completely ignored the insult she had made. The world was curious after you confirmed that you have a small penis via your email address. And I do agree with you that you should get a life.

There’s a lot to be said about starting things you can’t finish. Thunberg is currently in the 228th week of her climate strike, which she started when she was only 15. Tate couldn’t manage to keep his head afloat during a three-tweet exchange that he started and thought he could fix by setting up his camera, putting on a Versace robe, and lighting up a cigar while explaining why he doesn’t believe in global warming.

Tate’s five-year suspension from Twitter did not make anyone’s heart grow fonder. Perhaps he will have better luck on


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