Though the Ukrainian war seems to have been going on for years, only ten months ago, Russian tanks crossed the border. What was once headline news has now faded into the background for most of us, a conflict that for the rest of the world now simmers three scrolls down a news website’s front page.


Even so, little has changed for the tens of millions of people still directly affected by the war. Ukraine is still under siege, their lands are still invaded, and their armed forces are still engaged in a struggle against a nation once considered a superpower within living memory.


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Ukraine has gained the upper hand on the frontlines over the last few months, but Putin has also changed tactics out of desperation.


With swift battlefield gains now a thing of the past, Russia has started attacking Ukrainian cities with drones and missiles, intending not only to disrupt Ukraine’s fragile power network (world leaders pledged nearly $500 million just this week to keep the lights on) but also to terrorize civilians.


Even so, Ukrainians continue to try to live their lives, including Frogwares, the developers of the Sherlock Holmes games. Previously, we wrote about their situation, first for a miraculous Switch release under the circumstances, and then for some much-needed assistance relocating employees.


For those who cannot ignore the war on the news, the team has shared images and stories on Twitter today showing what it looks like in December 2022. If you’d like to see them as HellSite intended, you can find the thread here. I’m sharing them below.


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