It’s the season of gifts and Minecraft players are in for a treat. After the Epic Game Store’s free game giveaways and Fortnite’s Winterfest, Minecraft is hosting its own New Year’s giveaway. A celebration has already begun and will run until January 24, 2023. In this giveaway, players can win free maps and skins every day. This is Minecraft’s largest giveaway to date, so make sure you do not miss out. Click here for more information and instructions.

Giveaway for Minecraft’s New Year

“It’s such a fun time of the year – both inside Minecraft and outside – and this year, we are especially giving,” Minecraft revealed in a community blog post. In order to close out 2022, we are partnering with a bunch of talented community content creators to run New Year’s Giveaways”.

A new Minecraft map, created by LogDotZip, is up for grabs. This innovative map features a number of minigames and creative mobs. Players can turn themselves into Wardens and ride dragons.

So far, Minecraft has given away Lucky’s Hat and Lucky’s Minigame Mayhem, and it is expected that DLCs like SpongeBob, Star Wars, and more will also be included.

What you need to do to claim your rewards

All you need to do to claim these free rewards is launch the game and be logged in. Go to the main menu and select the Marketplace. You’ll see a banner promoting the event at the top of the screen. Click on the banner to see the daily rewards. Click on it if you wish to receive it, and it will appear in your account shortly.

Minecraft will give you until January 24 to collect your rewards, so even if you miss a day, you can always come back and claim them.

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